The Real Me

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My name is Ana Teresa Campaniço and you can say I’m a bit of an unusual person.
I’m an Artist but I’m also a Programmer. Some consider them contradictory, even opposite areas of expertise, but to me they’re both about creation.Basically I started out as an Artist, but when I reached university I took Computer Science instead since I was fascinated with computer graphics. There I found out I was actually good at Programming, but it wasn’t until I went on Erasmus and took Computer Game Development that I considered videogames as a potential career choice and the perfect merge of both worlds.

Because I have a hunger for knowledge and I love to experiment and explore, I was never one to travel in a straight line. Since I got both my MSc I’ve worked as a teacher, an educational games programmer and software developer, among other things.

Right now I’m taking a break to learn new tools and work as a freelancer, but who knows what surprises, and lessons, the future will bring!